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You Need a Texas Federal Crimes Defense Lawyer When Charged With a Federal Crime

Federal crimes are those that are committed across state lines or those in which a federal statute of some kind is violated. Federal rules and procedures are quite strict, acting and punishing differently than the rules and laws that apply to crimes covered under state jurisdictions. The prosecution of federal crimes is often a much more complex matter than that of a state crime, and the federal agencies involved in these crimes generally have the most sophisticated and comprehensive methods by which they can prosecute someone. Investigations of federal crimes have often gone on for months or years before a defendant is formally charged, and the case against the defendant is often already extensively built and, airtight. That is why it is absolutely essential for anyone who has been charged with a federal crime to hire a Texas federal crimes defense lawyer immediately, as soon as the charge is made known.

Types of Federal Crimes

Federal crimes are generally quite serious, but it is possible for someone to be wrongly accused of this type of crime through the various misunderstandings that often occur as a result of the use of technology or complex administration or business procedures. For example, a business dealing may seem valid on the surface, until it is discovered that provisions of the contract may have inadvertently violated, by being tied to criminal activity prompting federal criminal investigations on the merits. Computer and Internet crimes may involve huge networks of participants and the crimes committed may be very heinous, such as being involved in networks related to child pornography, extensive fraud, or even human trafficking. Drug trafficking on a large scale is also investigated by government agencies like the FBI and the DEA, and these law enforcement officials are aggressive in their pursuit of the guilty parties. These agencies also use highly sophisticated technology to procure evidence, making their cases airtight. Having your own defense lawyer who can be your legal voice and advocate in the event of this kind of charge can save your freedom and your reputation. And isn’t that the best course of action to gain the most advantageous outcome in this type of case?

Call to Schedule a Consultation With a Federal Crimes Defense Lawyer in Houston, Texas Today

If you’ve been charged with a federal crime, call to schedule a consultation with a federal crimes defense lawyer in Houston, Texas today.  Federal crime charges can result in your spending a good portion of your life in prison and can ruin your business or personal reputation. The legal experts at the Law Office of Mervyn M. Mosbacker, Jr. have the knowledge to build a strong defense for your case. We serve Houston and all the surrounding communities and we are eager to serve you. Call us at 713-526-2246 and let us give you the legal advice you need.

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