Wire and Mail Fraud Charges Defense in Houston, TX

How a Wire and Mail Fraud Charges Defense Lawyer Can Help You

Fraud is a crime that involves the intentional deception of another for some type of personal or material gain. Wire fraud involves the use of radio, television, the Internet, or similar media to conduct this fraud, while mail fraud involves the use of the postal system or private or commercial carriers such as UPS or FEDEX. Since this type of fraud usually involves interstate commerce, it is subject to federal prosecution. Sometimes fraud charges may be brought against someone as a result of a misunderstanding, jeopardizing the accused party’s career and personal reputation. When this occurs, it’s important to learn more about how a wire and mail fraud charges defense lawyer in Houston can help you.

Wire and Mail Fraud Charges Defense

Wire and Mail Fraud Penalties

Wire and mail fraud are nearly always federal crimes that have stiff penalties. While many perpetrators get away with it because the victim takes no action, many victims do press charges. When they do, and when the defendant is found to be guilty, penalties are often very harsh. Depending upon the seriousness of the fraud, the defendant could be sentenced to up to $1,000,000 fine and up to thirty years in prison. This is why it is crucial to hire an expert wire and mail fraud defense lawyer who will build a strong defense for you.

Possible Defenses for Wire and Mail Fraud

There are a number of different defenses that can be used to argue for the defendant in cases of wire and mail fraud. It can be argued that the defendant did not have the intention of committing a fraudulent act, but that the result of the act was due simply to carelessness or neglect in business practices. In any case in which it can be shown that the defendant did not intend to commit fraud, this lack of intention may be used as a strong defense. Another argument that can be made in the case of the defendant being employed by the person committing fraud is that the defendant was unaware of the employer’s intentions to commit the fraudulent act. Another possible defense is that the defendant accused of fraud was merely “sales puffing,” or exaggerating the value of the goods or services he was selling, rather than fraudulently stating their value as a fact.

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