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When You Need a Texas White Collar Crimes Defense Attorney

White collar crimes are non-violent crimes that are committed by various professionals or people with “white collar” jobs who seek to profit from the crime. White collar crimes are often complex in nature, and are often easily hidden for extended periods of time, buried under computer records, paperwork, and large networks of involved parties. If you’ve been charged with a white collar crime, you need a defense attorney who understands modern technology and the types of software systems and other tools that white collar criminals often use to avoid detection from the authorities for their criminal actions. Following the paper and digital trail in an alleged white collar crime is key to proving whether a client is innocent or guilty in most cases.

Common White Collar Crimes       

There are many different types of white collar crimes, and in this age of computers and the Internet, perpetrators of white collar crimes invent new ways to illegally profit while stealing from others every day. However, some of the more common white collar crimes are tax evasion, healthcare fraud, government fraud, money laundering, and credit card fraud.

Large industrial corporations may also be guilty of violating environmental protection laws, and other large corporations may commit crimes involving antitrust laws. In almost any business, government or similar endeavor, there are always some bad guys, but there are also false charges that sometimes arise from misunderstandings. A skilled attorney can uncover the real problem if you’ve been charged, and help you to reach an equitable conclusion to your case, while preserving your good name and reputation in the community. If you’re a victim of false accusations, an expert attorney can help to clear your name.

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If you’ve been charged with a white collar crime, call to schedule a consultation with a white collar crimes defense attorney in Houston, Texas today. A white collar crime can jeopardize your business and personal reputation, leaving a negative mark on your record for life. The legal professionals at the Law Office of Mervyn M. Mosbacker, Jr. are dedicated to defending your rights and will fight for the best outcome for your case. We’ll use our knowledge of technology to uncover any false charges.  We serve Houston and all the surrounding communities and we are eager to serve you. Call us at 713-526-2246 and let us be your legal advocates.

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