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When You Need a Texas Securities Fraud Charges Defense Lawyer

Securities crimes deal with any criminal action in relation to the transfer and dealing with securities. Securities fraud is a serious crime that can carry both state and federal penalties. Anyone who is being investigated by the SEC, or federal Securities and Exchange Commission, must cooperate with the investigation or face the loss of a job or position, along with the adjudication of any possible charges on the alleged offenses. Both the state and federal regulations that govern securities fraud are comprehensive and complex. This is why, if you’ve been charged with securities fraud, you need to consult with a Texas securities fraud charges defense lawyer. A securities fraud defense lawyer understands the law and can build an effective defense for your case. This is not the time to guess regarding the law, you need an expert in these cases and fast, to get the best and fairest result for your case.

What Is Securities Fraud?

There are many different types of securities fraud. One of the most common types is insider trading. Insider trading occurs when someone has knowledge of a company’s financial status, strategies or future dealings that have not been disclosed publicly and uses this information to either buy or sell securities. The problem with having this behind the scenes knowledge, is that it can be used to take advantage of the markets before any of this information is made public. It is much like cheating or gaining financially from having secret information, which defeats the purpose of having an open free economic market that is fairly accessible to the global players. Third party misrepresentation is another type of securities fraud in which a third party buys a large amount of some type of stock and then encourages many other people to buy it, often using misleading or false information. The false information serves as a hook to draw others in to a deal, and this is an illegal activity in relation to the markets and how they legally operate. Simply put, the increase in buyers increases the stock’s price. The third party then sells the stock. A company that sells stocks may also occur if a corporate leader gives out false information about the value of the company’s stock, increasing sales. All of these types of fraud are subject to the severe penalties that are often given for securities fraud.

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If you’ve been charged with securities fraud, call to schedule a consultation with a securities fraud charges defense lawyer in Houston, Texas today. Securities fraud carries with it penalties of years in prison as well as fines and restitution.  The legal professionals at the Law Office of Mervyn M. Mosbacker, Jr. will work hard and use their knowledge and skill to build the most effective defense for your case. We serve Houston and all the surrounding communities and we are eager to serve you. Call us at 713-526-2246 and let us guide you through this legal journey.

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