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When You Need a Texas Drug Trafficking Charges Defense Lawyer

All over the United States and globally as well, drug trafficking is on the rise. Federal agencies like the FBI and the DEA as well as various state law enforcement agencies are becoming more and more stringent in their fight against these crimes due to the huge economic toll it takes on our country and on the countless number of lives it costs. For these reasons, it’s not difficult to be charged with a drug trafficking crime, even when you’re innocent. That is why, if you have been charged with a drug trafficking crime, you need a Texas drug trafficking charges defense lawyer to be your legal voice and advocate. An expert drug trafficking charges defense lawyer can investigate your case to uncover the facts that will build your defense. We strongly urge you to call an expert defense lawyer in these types of criminal Texas drug trafficking charges, because cases can turn very quickly on state’s evidence, and you would not want to lose your freedom in prison for decades, on charges that you did not understand or knew applied to you specifically in your case.

Federal Drug Trafficking

While it is illegal to possess a controlled substance, it is an even more serious crime to distribute these drugs or to participate in trafficking them. It is very easy to be charged with the transporting of illegal drugs, and the scenarios that could be criminally applicable are varied and vast. Transporting illegal drugs across state lines becomes a federal offense, but that’s not the only way it can happen. Any time the amount of drugs in possession becomes large enough that the person in possession of them is suspected of trafficking or distribution, the charges can begin to involve the federal government. When that happens, federal agencies get involved and the potential penalties become much higher, with minimum prison sentences even for a first-time offense. Because these penalties are so high, it is crucial to hire a lawyer if you’ve been charged. Be forewarned, it is best not to speak to anyone until you have hired a defense lawyer who can do the talking for you. The law enforcement authorities have many scenarios that they will use to try to gain your trust, illicit your favor, tell you that you are speaking to friends and can cooperate with them, once you start talking while thinking that you are in a safe environment, you will not benefit – don’t fall for this ruse! Remember, words said in haste cannot be retraced, and it will not be in your best interest ever to speak without an expert drug trafficking charges defense lawyer on your side.

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If you’ve been charged with a drug trafficking crime, call to schedule a consultation with a drug trafficking charges defense lawyer in Houston, Texas today. A drug trafficking charge on your criminal record can cause you difficulties that may last for the rest of your life. The experienced legal professionals at the Law Office of Mervyn M. Mosbacker, Jr. will thoroughly investigate your case and give you a strong legal voice. We serve Houston and all the surrounding communities and we are eager to serve you. Call us at 713-526-2246 and let us give you legal guidance you can rely on.

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