Public Corruption Charges Defense in Houston, TX

Public Corruption Cases

One of the highest priorities for federal prosecutors is to investigate and prosecute public corruption cases. These focus on what the government may believe to be corrupt public officials and elected officials including: those elected to municipal offices; those elected to county offices; those elected to state offices; and those elected to federal offices.

Public Corruption Charges Defense in

Law enforcement agents or officers, whether on the federal, or local level can also be the focus of a public corruption investigation. Any public employee can also become the focus of one of these investigations. And even private citizens and non-citizens can be investigated if they are suspected of participating in some illegal activity, such as bribery, that concerns the subversion of officials and employees at any level of government.

Types of Public Corruption Crimes and Penalties

Federal laws typically used to prosecute public corruption cases include various varieties of bribery and graft including: bribery of federal public officials; bribery of witnesses in a judicial proceeding, or a proceeding before Congress; bribery of officers or employees of a financial institution; bribery in order to influence a sporting contest. The laws used to prosecute these illegal activities also include other federal laws, such as RICO (Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) and Hobbs Act violations, which can reach down to use state law violations such as bribery, extortion, official oppression, and theft involving state or local public officials.

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