Money Laundering Charges Defense in Houston, TX

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Money laundering is a crime that is performed to hide the money that is earned illegally from committing a given crime, or using the money to promote the underlying or ongoing crime. Sometimes, when a crime results in profits of large amounts of money, the money criminal cannot simply be deposited it in a bank without being noticed by the federal government. Other methods used to attempt to hide the money are by making several different deposits in several different banks.

Offshore banks are also a popular destination for dirty money, or money that is made through criminal activity. Law enforcement agencies like the FBI and DEA are always on the lookout for dirty money and those who are spreading it around. If you’ve been charged with money laundering, you may also be a suspect in other related crimes that led to the dirty money to begin with in that case. That’s why it’s important to hire a Houston money laundering charges defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Money Laundering Charges Defense

Possible Defenses for Money Laundering

There are many possible defenses for what appears to be a money laundering crime. Since the travels of dirty money can often become quite intricate and complex, it is not uncommon for a banker or other financial professional to be unaware of money laundering activity that is occurring in his or her own institution. This means that the intent to launder money is not there, providing that there is a good defense against the charge.

If the prosecutor is unable to prove that the laundered money was connected to a specific illegal activity, this is grounds for dismissal of the case. The charges of money laundering may also be dismissed in situations where the person laundering the money did so under some kind of duress, like the threat of harm from a third party. Simple administrative or accounting errors may also lead to misunderstandings that do not imply guilt in any of the involved parties.

Penalties for Money Laundering

Money laundering is nearly always a felony, and how serious the penalties are will depend upon the amount of money involved. Often, other charges accompany the charge for money laundering since some additional crime is usually involved, such as tax evasion, theft, drug bags or securities fraud. Serious cases of money laundering can easily become first degree felonies and Money Laundering can have penalties of 20 years in prison and fines of $500,000 or double the amount of money that was laundered, whichever is greater. For a financial professional, having the charge of money laundering on a criminal record can also result in the loss of a license and the end of a career.

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