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A Houston Kidnapping Charges Defense Lawyer is a Necessity When You've Been Charged

Kidnapping is the act of forcibly abducting or confining another person against his or her will. A kidnapper can be charged with violations of both state and federal laws if state lines are crossed during the abduction or kidnapping act. To be a kidnapping, there must be no consent on the part of the victim, and some type of force must be used in the abduction, or at least the threat of force. In the case of someone who has a mental or cognitive disability, abducting that person with their consent may still be a crime if the consent of the guardian or parent has not been obtained. The charge of kidnapping is a very serious one, which is why it is nearly always necessary for you to hire a Houston expert kidnapping charges defense lawyer if you’ve been charged.

Kidnapping Charges Defense

Possible Defenses for Kidnapping Charges

Sometimes it is possible for a person to be charged with kidnapping simply because of a misunderstanding. For example, if an ex-husband has some custody or visitation rights for a child, and he comes to pick up the child for a day trip when the mother is at work, not realizing that she’s not aware of the plan. The alarmed mother may accuse the ex-husband of kidnapping. An honest mistake or lack of communication can be a defense to a kidnapping charge. It is also possible that someone may have been blackmailed or somehow forced or coerced to commit a kidnapping. There are even cases in which, when the involved parties are interviewed, it later comes out that the victim had given consent. Any of these possible circumstances may be used as a defense against a kidnapping charge.

Penalties for Kidnapping

Depending upon the circumstances of the kidnapping, penalties for this crime may be very severe and may involve up to life imprisonment. Aggravated kidnapping occurs when the perpetrator abducts a victim for the purpose of demanding ransom money or reward of some kind. An aggravated kidnapping charge may also occur if the kidnapper inflicted any sort of bodily harm or sexual assault on the victim, as well as psychological or emotional harm, or if a deadly weapon was used in the course of the kidnapping. A prison sentence of twenty years or more is not uncommon for an aggravated kidnapping charge, and the maximum possible sentence can be 99 years or life imprisonment. Kidnapping a child under the age of 13 also brings more serious penalties. In any case, kidnapping is always a very serious charge carrying heavy penalties.

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