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How a Texas Money Laundering Charges Defense Lawyer Can Help You

Many people have heard of money laundering, but may not realize the extent and seriousness of this crime. Money laundering is the hiding or disguising of money somewhere in a legal environment to benefit monetarily, on funds that are illegally obtained through a criminal activity. In general, money laundering charges are usually brought along with charges for the criminal activity that produced the money. This money often comes from businesses that are seen with a high-level perception of being legitimate but are illegal. Money laundering is a serious charge that can result in the seizure or forfeiture of assets, and also in felony charges with associated fines and long-term prison sentences. The severity of the penalties for money laundering depend upon the amount of money laundered, and the type of crime that is associated with the laundering. If you’ve been charged with money laundering, it is wise to learn how a Texas money laundering charges defense lawyer can help you.

Defenses For Money Laundering

To be considered a crime, money laundering must always be intentional. That means that a person does not accidentally money launder funds through the backroom of a legitimate business. Having said that, it’s not at all that uncommon for someone who runs a financial institution or the accounting department of a large corporation to be involved in a money laundering scheme, without being aware of it. Money laundering occurs quite often in the securities industry and those who sell the securities may not know what is going on or where the funds came from, and if someone is charged who was unaware, then he is not guilty. It is also possible that there may be insufficient evidence to support the charge of money laundering in some situations. For example, an employee who is doing his job properly may not be fundamentally aware that the books are running money laundering, if the business dealings are legitimate on the surface. Being forced to launder money while under a threat or blackmailing is also a valid defense, and can be used in a case on those merits to defend someone who is alleged to be involved in this type of criminal activity.

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