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How a Texas Insurance Fraud Charges Defense Attorney Can Help You

Insurance fraud accounts for billions of lost dollars in the insurance industry, costs which may eventually be passed down to legitimate claim minded insureds in the future. Insurance fraud can be committed by either those who seek the benefits of insurance or by an insurance company itself. Making a false claim for benefits to which a claimant is not entitled is one type of fraud, and denying a client of a benefit that should have been paid is another. Sometimes the issue of coverage may be somewhat cloudy, which is a situation in which accusations can be made but not defended. If you’ve been charged with insurance fraud, hiring a Texas insurance fraud charges defense attorney to sort out the issues is a wise choice. The laws related to insurance may be confusing at first glance, and an insurance fraud charges defense attorney is the best person to find out what you need in relation to a viable defense in these cases. An experienced attorney who understands the complexities of insurance law can help you defend your position and can clear you of invalid accusations, while preserving your rights and your personal freedom as well.

Types of Insurance Fraud    

There are as many types of insurance fraud as there are types of insurance, and with many struggling financially in a troubled economy, there’s more of it than ever before in our country. Medicare fraud and healthcare fraud are two types of insurance fraud that amount to many billions of misused dollars every year. Automobile insurance fraud is another major source of fraudulent claims. There are doctors and lawyers who run “personal injury mills” that are set up to defraud auto insurance companies when someone has a minor injury in an auto accident. An injured victim may not even be aware of what’s going on, or may have been asked to participate. If you are charged with insurance fraud, letting an insurance fraud charges defense attorney be your legal voice can bring clarity to the situation.

Call to Schedule a Consultation With an Insurance Fraud Charges Defense Attorney in Houston, Texas Today

If you’ve been charged with insurance fraud, call to schedule a consultation with an insurance fraud charges defense attorney in Houston, Texas today. An experienced insurance fraud defense attorney can protect your freedom and your business and personal reputation. We are available to talk to you and will sit down with you to answer any of your questions in regard to this type of insurance fraud charges case. The legal staff at the Law Office of Mervyn M. Mosbacker, Jr. will work hard to get you the best outcome for your case. We serve Houston and all the surrounding communities and we are eager to serve you. Call us at 713-526-2246 and let our professional legal staff defend your rights.

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