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About Mervyn M. Mosbacker, Jr.

Mervyn M. Mosbacker, Jr. is an experienced criminal defense attorney who represents clients in Houston and surrounding Texas communities. His law firm, Law Office of Mervyn M. Mosbacker, Jr. provides professional and experienced legal representation in federal and state courts for those accused of criminal charges especially in federal criminal cases, complex drug cases, white collar crime cases, public corruption cases and extraditions. He has helped clients in state criminal cases in Texas counties including Harris, Montgomery, Brazoria, Fort Bend, and Galveston in the Houston area, and in Cameron, Hidalgo, and Willacy in the Rio Grande Valley; and in El Paso in West Texas.

Mervyn M. Mosbacker, Jr. - Houston Criminal Lawyer

He is passionate about defending the rights of his clients and to make every effort possible to secure the best outcome for his client’s criminal cases. He has appeared in court as a prosecutor and defense attorney in countless federal and state court felony cases. Prior to opening his own law firm, he served as the presidentially appointed United States Attorney for the Southern District of Texas. He uses his extensive background in trial-based criminal law when consulting with new clients and representing their interests in the courtroom. With 36 years of criminal law experience, he has amassed an impressive understanding of the federal criminal justice system as well as criminal justice in the state of Texas.

If you have been charged with or are being investigated for any crime, it’s important to make no statement to law enforcement without consulting an attorney. To learn more about what our experienced criminal defense attorney can do for you, contact our Houston Texas law firm today. In these cases, you will benefit from having a knowledgeable and highly experienced attorney on your side from the beginning. He helps clients with criminal defense, white collar crimes, federal crimes, assault & battery charges, drug crimes, RICO charges, public corruption charges, healthcare fraud, money laundering, bank and credit card fraud, wire and mail fraud, insurance fraud, securities fraud, extradition cases and kidnapping charges. Call now; we are waiting to talk to you, there is no need for you to try to sort out the complex laws applicable to crimes on your own, we are ready to speak with you today.